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Water damage restoration procedures will be different depending on the type of water that has damaged a property. Yes, there is more than one kind of water. In fact, there are three different categories of water damage restoration, based on three different types of water. Water damage services always start their evaluation of the tasks that lie ahead by determining which type of water damage their water damage restoration efforts will be handling. The three categories of water that may be at the source of any water damage problems are:

* Clean Water: If the water damage to the building was caused by washing machine malfunctions, dishwasher malfunctions (burst hoses etc), pipe leaks, clean sink and bathtub overflows, toilet tank (not toilet bowl) overflows and malfunctions, or rainwater, the water damage restoration process will often be simpler. Although it is safe for you to undertake clean water damage restoration yourself, you must tackle the task immediately and get it done as rapidly as possible.

Water that comes from water faucets or rain (potable water) is categorized as clean water as long as it does not contain contaminants. Although your water damage problems may have been caused by clean water, this water may rapidly become contaminated when it comes into contact with contaminants (subflooring, for example). Time and heat can actually transform clean water into grey (slightly contaminated) or even black (heavily contaminated) water. If the water damage to the structure is extensive, and you need professional help to deal with it, contact a water damage restoration contractor as quickly as possible.

* Grey Water (also known as Unsanitary Water): This is slightly contaminated water, usually the result of dishwasher overflows, washing machine overflows, punctured waterbeds, toilet bowl overflows, broken fish tanks or aquariums etc. The longer grey water remains in your home or building before water damage restoration begins, the more contaminated it gets. Warm weather is also a factor that affects the degree of contamination of grey water.

* The most dangerous water damage is that which results from Black Water flooding of your home. Black water refers to any water that has human or animal waste in it – sewage-laden water, water from flooding rivers, lakes, streams, seawater and oceans. Employing a certified water damage restoration service is extremely important if your home has suffered water damage caused wholly or even partially by black water. Black water poses a very serious health hazard as it contains pathogenic contaminants (agents that can cause disease when you come into contact with the water).

There is a separate water damage restoration strategy for each of the three different water types mentioned above. If you are faced with water damage, please note that the type of water is not at any circumstance determined by its color. The source of the water, its contents, the length of time since water damage occurred and the temperature in the water-damaged structure are the factors determining water type. Remember, today’s clean water can easily be tomorrow’s grey or black water.

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