inversion table therapy

Choosing the right inversion table can be quite challenging given the many models and brands available in the market. The best inversion table is one that suits your needs. Therefore, before you even start looking at inversion table reviews and prices, you need to have come up with features that you feel are important to you and below are some of them.

Manual vs. Motorized

Inversion tables are either manual or motorized. Both types perform well although your personal preferences should help you when it comes to picking out one. Manual models are operated by handles on each side and can be a little tasking to use. On the other hand, a motorized inversion table is extremely easy to use, you just need to press a button. Despite its ease of use, it is usually expensive and taking care of it is also costly compared to a manual one.


An inversion table is a relaxation device. This means that comfort should be one of your key priorities. As a result, you must try out as many tables as possible before settling for the one that is comfortable enough. Although it may feel weird moving from one table to another, this is necessary. Some tables are short, stiff or just feel off meaning that comfort is not just about the cushioning. A comfortable inversion table is also easy to use. If you find it difficult getting into or out of the table, then it is probably not the right one for you. To get the bodily relief that you need, the table has to be stable and comfortable.


When you are looking for an inversion table, safety should be the first aspect to consider. As you go around trying out different inversion tables, do you feel safe in them? If you do not feel safe, then do not consider it even if you are getting free items with the purchase. Look at its parts to see if they swivel or if they are durable. Ideally, go for an inversion table that has strong pivots and supportive bearings.

Size and Angles

Inversion tables can be compact and lightweight or heavy but durable. This means that you also need to look at your available space when you buy one. If you have a small home, then you will definitely have to get one that will fit the available space. With space in mind, you can then move to the angle. Some table can rotate up to 180 degrees while others do not. If you feel you will need the rotation, then go for one that can do that, otherwise, a basic inversion table will still be able to meet your needs.


Some of the large brands have numerous add-ons that can accompany the inversion table to make it more comfortable and functional. Some have lumbar pillows while others come with interchangeable parts and heat up for maximum comfort.

An inversion table needs to be durable and comfortable. By considering these aspects on how to choose an inversion table, both of them can be guaranteed.

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