A CBD Healing Balm For Sore Muscles

cbd healing balm

Our bodies are machines of bones, muscles, and tendons that will wear down, get overworked, and experience discomfort from time to time. Whether from exercise, work or simply getting older, we all need quick and effective relief from pain. When applied topically, CBD healing balm can help reduce inflammation and relieve the pain that comes with sore or strained muscles. CBD works by engaging with our own regulatory systems to inhibit or antagonize a reaction that causes inflammatory or pain responses. This makes it a powerful additive to existing ingredients in balms designed for pain relief, anti-inflammation, wound healing, or other beneficial properties.

Healing Touch: CBD Healing Balm Benefits

This muscle rub with Koi’s PRIZM broad spectrum CBD and all-natural oils offers deep comfort to sore muscles and troubled skin areas. Infused with soothing comfrey, calendula, and menthol crystals, it eases body pains, spasms and swelling. Shea butter and mango seed oil hydrate and nourish the skin, while caprylic and capric triglyceride lock in moisture.

Like all CBD products, this product does not enter the bloodstream and is only active at the point of application, so it’s safe to use anywhere on your body. It’s especially effective on sore muscles and joints. Pair it with your favorite foam roller, tennis ball or massage stick to optimize your self-care routine and make knotted muscles a thing of the past.

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