Choosing the Right MUGA Size and Dimensions

MUGA pitch size and dimensions

MUGA pitch size and dimensions are multi-faced game areas designed for many different sports that can be played by children or adults, including football, tennis, netball and basketball. They are much more versatile than traditional grass surfaces and are a popular choice for schools as they provide an alternative to indoor sports facilities that can be cold or damp when playing in the winter.

Choosing the right size and dimensions of your MUGA is crucial for its success. There are a number of things to consider, including the main priority sport, the space you have available and how much use it will get as well as whether you are looking to install any additional features such as floodlights or fencing.

Choosing the Right MUGA Pitch Size for Your Sports Facility: Key Considerations and Options

The surfacing on your MUGA is another important factor to think about. There are several options available, from tarmac to polymeric and synthetic turf. For lighter usage MUGAs it is common to have a single layer of tarmac laid, which should be open-graded, porous, and frost-resistant with an average compacted depth of 40mm and 10mm aggregate size.

For more high-quality MUGAs, it is recommended to go for a surface which can offer more performance, such as a 3G surface which is ideal for rugby and football. This type of surface is constructed from high-quality artificial turf with a sand and rubber infill to improve the ball’s quality and performance. This type of surfacing is more expensive to have installed but it will provide your MUGA with an edge over the competition in terms of its play value and durability.

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