Full Spectrum Light

A full spectrum light is one that closely simulates the optical brilliance of sunlight and contains the entire visible light spectral as well as some non-visible spectra of infrared and ultraviolet. It can also be described as one that offers an even spectral power distribution, without the peaks and valleys of many discharge lamps (fluorescent, metal halide, etc).

Does CBD stop panic attacks?

In cannabis extractions, full spectrum refers to the process of extracting a concentrate such as CBD or THC that maintains all of the helpful natural phytochemicals present in the raw cannabis plant material. This is typically accomplished through the use of a cold, low heat extraction method such as the RSO or whole plant oil method or a very long vacuum extraction. It is important to note that this does not imply a “high THC” extract as some companies claim.

The most accurate way to compare full spectrum lights is by examining two metrics: color temperature and CRI. Both tell us how close to the true color of a light source it is, with higher values indicating better quality. The best full spectrum lighting will have a color temperature of 6500K and a CRI rating of 95 or greater.

While full spectrum lighting is the best type of light to expose yourself to during the day, it is not the best option at night as it may suppress melatonin and keep you awake. In this case, a low color temperature light such as 3000K or 2700K would be more suitable for night time.

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