Gutter Installation – The Basics

Gutter systems are critical to the protection of your home, catching rainwater and directing it away from your foundation and landscaping. They need regular cleaning, however, to prevent clogs and water overflow which can cause damage. The experienced team at Ensz & Sons of Huntsville provides gutter cleaning services to safeguard your property from damages and maintain the functionality of your gutter system. Go here:

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The first step in any gutter installation is an assessment of the existing gutters, including checking for rot, dents, and signs of rust. Even if the gutters appear to be in good condition, this initial evaluation is crucial, as any hidden problems should be addressed immediately.

Next, a ladder is used to access the roofline to begin the installation. It’s important to choose the right ladder for your job, as a taller model is best for working on two-story and larger homes. Depending on the size of your home, you’ll also need a pair of ladder extensions for reaching roof edges and a bucket to hold tools.

Depending on the type of gutter you purchase, you’ll also need various parts and fasteners. This includes inside and outside corner pieces, downspout outlet fittings, end caps, slip-joint slice fittings, and downspout elbows. You’ll also need gutter lap sealer to ensure all seams are watertight.

Once you’ve purchased the gutters and all necessary hardware, it’s time to assemble the system. Begin by setting up a work station on the ground with a sheet of plywood and a pair of sawhorses to serve as a base for the rest of your equipment. Next, lay out the gutter sections in the order you’ll be installing them to ensure you have everything you need on hand when it’s time to climb the ladder.

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