How do search engine optimization work on the internet?

The two main functions of search engines are to crawl data and generate an index of websites based on their relevance to present them on the results page when a user performs a search. Thanks to links from websites, spiders crawl billions of pages around the world, store and process them to offer better and better results to users in their searches, hence the importance of search engine positioning in search engine optimization .

When a user is searching for something on the internet, the search engine will return consistent results in response to the user’s search request, and the function of the search engine will be to return results as close to the search as possible among billions of indexed data as soon as possible and on the other hand, it must present a list of said results ordered according to their relevance.

Sure, you may be wondering … But how does a search engine assess the relevance of a certain page? Well, many of the variables that are valued and taken into account when positioning a website are popularity variables, variables the which denote a clear user satisfaction. Currently it is speculated with the idea that Google has more than 200 parameters in mind when presenting its results. Here are some small practical tips to improve the web positioning of your business:

  • A good start would be to go directly to the advice and recommendations of Google itself in the webmaster tools .
  • Always develop the website with the user in mind.
  • Implement a clear link structure on our website, where the web map of the site is carefully defined.
  • Make a labeling according to the content offered on the website.
  • Maintain proper website coding optimization.

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