How to Get a Vinyl Sticker Printed

vinyl sticker

Vinyl vinyl sticker  are a fantastic way to promote your brand, business or event. They’re durable & weatherproof – perfect for cars, walls, laptops, water bottles & outdoor gear!

They’re also very affordable – they’re a cheap, quick & easy way to get your stickers printed. They’re printed in high-quality on thick, durable vinyl and come with 4 day turnaround & free shipping.

Vinyl Stickers: A Versatile and Durable Way to Personalize Your Belongings and Promote Your Business

Paper stickers are commonly used for indoor applications where longevity is not a concern, however, vinyl stickers are ideal for outdoor use as they’re strong and do not fade easily. They’re also a good option for temporary applications, as they are smudge proof and tear resistant.

Are they waterproof?

Some vinyl stickers are water resistant, whilst others are completely waterproof. This can be dependent on what the sticker is made of and what coating it’s coated with. Lamination is often used as a coating for water resistant vinyl stickers, and it protects the sticker from the elements.

What are the best materials to print on?

Using a good quality paper is essential for producing a great looking sticker. You’ll want to choose a sticker paper that works with both laser and inkjet printers, as well as being resistant to tearing.

What types of stickers do you offer?

We offer die cut singles, kiss-cut singles and roll stickers in a range of different materials. These are all available with a glossy, matte or translucent finish. Depending on your budget and the type of design you’re creating, we have several options for you to choose from.

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