Ideal Tax Reviews – Should You Hire the Firm?

Ideal Tax reviews is a reputable tax relief company with hundreds of positive reviews across the internet. The firm’s seasoned staff includes tax attorneys, non-attorney tax consultants, and enrolled agents (tax prep specialists), all of whom know federal tax law inside and out.

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The firm has a strong track record of success in helping individuals and businesses resolve tax problems with the IRS. It also offers four long-term Protection Plans that bundle comprehensive services like tax preparation and filing, balance monitoring, and IRS communication. But while Ideal Tax has a solid reputation and excellent customer service, it does have some issues that should be considered before hiring the firm:

Insufficient Client Services

Several reviews from Ideal Tax clients claim the company did not do much of anything to advance their cases with the IRS or state tax agency. In one case, a client says the company did not even file her past-year tax returns. In another case, a woman says she paid over $3,000 to Ideal Tax to file her returns, resolve her debt, and stop the IRS from garnishing her social security checks.

However, the vast majority of Ideal Tax reviews are positive, and most clients say the firm significantly reduced their taxes or stopped collection activities. Ideal Tax does offer a free consultation, so it’s worth speaking with a representative to see if the company is right for you.

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