Pink Grizzly Strain

pink grizzly strain is a funky indica that delivers on all the chill vibes you want from a good smoke session. Its 22%+ average THC content will send you into a state of euphoria that will numb your body while lifting your spirits. You’ll experience a full-body relaxation as well, settling your muscles and mind into a deep, peaceful sleep. This is a high-powered strain that is best for experienced cannabis users who know what to expect.

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This hybrid marijuana strain is a cross between Runtz and Rainbow Sherbet, two popular cannabis strains with distinct qualities. The parents each offer their own distinct aroma and flavor, but the end result is a balanced hybrid that can relax the body while also uplifting the mind and mood. The resulting high is great for relaxing or socializing with friends, and its fruity aroma and flavor profile makes it a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts looking for something unique.

The pink grizzly strain combines the uplifting effects of Rainbow Sherbet and the stress-relieving effects of Pink Panties to deliver a relaxing high that is perfect for anyone who needs to decompress and unwind. This strain has a rich floral aroma with notes of raspberry and grapefruit that are complemented by a sweet candy flavor and zesty sour note. The ripe, dense buds have a light green color with orange hairs and a thick coating of frosty white trichomes. The flavor is a delectable blend of berry sweetness with a sour candy kick that leaves you satisfied and happy.

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