Sexing Cannabis Seeds

Canibis seeds  are small oval-shaped dried fruits that have a thin outer shell and a hard inner core. They contain a nutritional reserve called albumen, which provides the seed with its first source of energy during germination. They also contain arginine, an amino acid that helps the body make nitric oxide, which improves blood flow and reduces the risk of blood clots.

 Navigating the World of Cannabis Seeds for a Successful Homegrown Experience

A seed’s genetics are what determines its future. This is why reputable seed companies put so much care into selecting and producing their strains. It can take years for a seed company to create a strain that’s worth selling. The best strains are a result of expert breeding programs that incorporate renowned biologists and geneticists. Seed companies such as Dutch Passion have taken cannabis breeding to new levels of excellence.

Seeds can be purchased from marijuana dispensaries and from online seed banks. If a person plans to plant marijuana seeds, they should be aware of state laws regarding their purchase. If a person tries to bring marijuana-related seeds on a plane, customs officials will confiscate them as a violation of federal law.

Regular seeds have equal numbers of male and female plants, so a grower will need to wait until they germinate to find out which ones are sexable. Once a marijuana plant begins to flower, it will reveal its sex by producing fat buds that are rich in psychoactive compounds. However, sexing regular cannabis seeds can be tricky as the plants look somewhat similar until they start to grow.

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