Shopping For an Electric Car (EV)

An electric car (EV) is a motorized vehicle that draws its power from an electrical energy storage system, including a battery. An EV may be fully electric, or it can use an internal combustion engine to generate additional electricity from the stored energy (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles – PHEVs). The electric vehicle industry is growing rapidly, with many major automakers now offering at least one model. The emergence of affordable, long-range EVs capable of competing with gasoline-powered cars is pushing new buyers into the market.This link :

The newest generation of EVs are a joy to drive, delivering instant torque from a stop and smooth, quiet acceleration, even at highway speeds. Even the most affordable modern EVs can post 0-to-60 times that put most gas-powered muscle cars to shame. For some, this performance is enough to make the switch to an electric vehicle.

The Rise of EVs: Exploring the Future of Transportation

But a wide range of considerations must be taken into account when shopping for an EV. The most critical factors are a vehicle’s driving range, the availability of charging stations and, for those who don’t own their homes, the ability to use a public charger at work or on vacation. These issues are being addressed by a number of key players, including the carmakers themselves, oil companies and national governments, as they push for EV market share targets of 50-plus percent by 2030 or sooner.

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