Skunk Removal Services

Skunks are notorious for their foul-smelling spray that can be incredibly dangerous. These nocturnal scavengers can spray accurately up to 20 feet and the oily liquid they produce contains sulfur compounds that can be painful and blind people and pets temporarily. If skunks get too close to your home, you need to hire Skunk removal services as soon as possible.

Who do you call if you have a skunk?

Skunks often build dens underneath sheds, porches, or steps. They can also tunnel through foundations and crawl spaces in homes, resulting in costly repairs for homeowners. These damages can be quite severe and should only be repaired by a professional animal expert.

There are some things homeowners can do to prevent skunks from coming around, such as keeping garbage can lids tight and covering pet food when it’s outside. If you have a garden, burying it at least half a foot underground will keep skunks from digging under and eating your vegetables. You can also install a three-foot-high fence in your yard to keep these scavengers out of your flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.

When it comes to skunk removal, you can take several approaches to the problem on your own or hire professionals to handle it for you. When hiring a wildlife removal company, ask about their humane trapping and relocation techniques. A reputable animal control specialist will use traps that are specifically designed to protect animals and relocate them to safe environments away from residential areas. They will also offer preventative measures for skunks such as sealing entry points to your home and preventing access to food sources.

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