The Role of Parents in Managing Online Gaming Habits

A growing number of parents are concerned that their children might be spending too much time playing video games. These concerns are well-founded: excessive gaming can lead to social withdrawal, depression and poor school performance. It can also interfere with family relationships and exacerbate the symptoms of other mental health conditions.

Our study involved a ทำความรู้จักกับบาคาร่า survey of parent respondents (questions about their own and their children’s gaming habits) and interviews with parents of video game-addicted children. The parent interview was designed to examine parental media mediation roles, and the child interview was designed to determine digital game addiction tendencies and sociodemographics of the child.

The Role of Parents in Managing Online Gaming Habits

The results suggest that parents attempt to monitor gaming behavior but the extent of this monitoring varies by the gender and age of the child. Parents of boy gamers and parents of younger children are more likely to monitor gaming behavior than are parents of girls or older children. In addition, parents of boy and younger children are more likely to always or sometimes check ratings for video games before allowing their children to play them.

Parents can help their children avoid becoming addicted to video games by limiting the amount of gaming time they allow their children and encouraging other recreational activities. For example, parents can encourage their children to participate in outdoor activities such as hiking or biking or to do art projects and craft activities. In addition, parents can provide positive reinforcement for non-gaming activities by rewarding them with tangible or intangible rewards such as treats, gifts, or verbal praise.

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