Title Loans in Huntsville – What You Need to Know

Title loans Huntsville are available to qualified individuals in Huntsville and can provide quick access to funds. In addition, they can be an excellent way to help you repair your credit history if you’ve been struggling with late payments or collection accounts. But before you apply, it’s important to understand the rates and fees involved. This article will explain the basic elements of a car title loan, so you can make an informed decision about whether this type of financing is right for you.

Securing Quick Funds: How Title Loans Work in Huntsville

A car title loan is a secured loan that uses the value of your vehicle as collateral. You’ll typically be able to borrow up to 25% or 50% of your vehicle’s equity, but individual lenders may have their own criteria for determining the loan amount. Once the loan is approved, your lender will place a lien on your vehicle title. But you can continue to drive your vehicle while you pay the loan back, so long as you keep up with your repayment obligations.

Title loans are legal in 17 states and most lenders will not report nonpayment or repossession to the credit bureaus, although failure to repay a title loan on time can damage your credit score. The best way to avoid a bad credit impact is to use a car title loan responsibly, only borrowing what you can afford to repay and communicating with your lender if you anticipate having trouble making your payments.

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