Top Westmead Accommodation Choices

westmead accommodation

Westmead is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United Kingdom. This popular area in Manchester is home to many attractions, including the famous Cheshire Cat Museum, and the well-known Westgate Shopping Centre. Because it is so popular with tourists, there are many different types of accommodation available in and around Westmead. Here are some of the top choices for those looking for an affordable place to stay in this great city:


The Cliffs Clubhouse: This is one of the oldest known hotels in the city. It has a history that dates back to the eighteenth century. The Cliffs Clubhouse is two hundred feet above ground level, which gives it some great views. You can get great views of the Strip, the Metro City area, the stadium, and the airport. There are two guest houses inside the club, which offer one bedroom and two single rooms each, as well as a number of shared rooms.


The Plockton House: One of westmead accommodation, the Plockton House offers luxury accommodation at a charming location. Plockton House is located on top of a stunning cliff, giving it views that include the skyline of Manchester, the railway station, and other attractions. The Plockton House offers two guest houses within its complex, each with their own private balconies. Each apartment offers a fully furnished modern bedroom, as well as a comfortable sofa and chair.

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