What Is a Temporary Agency?

A temporary agency is a business that connects companies with employees to fill their short-term staffing needs. These agencies specialize in recruiting and vetting job seekers to build a pool of qualified candidates, then matching them with a company’s job description. They may also provide training to help employees perform better in their delegated roles.

Eu Workers taux horaire interim  the process is similar to applying for a traditional job: They submit their resume and have a brief interview with the agency, which often includes health tests and background checks. In some cases, the temp agency will offer a job directly to candidates if they are the right match for the role. If not, the agency can place them at another position within their network.

Temporary Agencies in Lyon: Connecting Employers with Qualified Workers

Staffing agencies work with a variety of industries and job types, from office administration and healthcare to manufacturing and IT. They are responsible for finding jobs that fit the skills and availability of their candidates, and they are often paid per hour of work performed by their temporary employees.

Some temp agencies will even allow candidates to transition to permanent positions with their client companies through a temp-to-hire arrangement. This gives employers the opportunity to evaluate a candidate’s performance and determine if they are the right fit for their business before making a permanent hiring decision. Managing this process can be time-consuming for both the employer and the temp agency, so it’s important to have a partner that is well versed in all aspects of temporary employment.

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