What is Online News?

아던트뉴스 is the reporting of current events and affairs via digital media. It can either be a direct reporting of news or a written analysis of the news and its impact on society, business and politics.

This form of journalism is usually based on research and factual information. A good online news article will be short and to the point while also capturing reader interest. It will include any pertinent information, such as contacts for further information and quotes from interviews. It will also provide a clear title and an outline of the story and its importance.

Clickbait and Sensationalism: The Downside of Online News

A good online news article will also be able to provide some background for the event or development being reported on. This is especially important in a world where the internet allows information from all over the globe to be easily accessible. It will explain the history of the event or development and its impact on the world in general.

As a result of its inherent immediacy, online news often neglects to provide a clear link between the event or development and its actual impact on readers. This is not unlike the way in which mechanically reproduced art ruins the sense of “aura” an original work once had. The ephemeral nature of online news means that it can never fully bring a sense of reality to its readers. This is particularly a problem for larger, more general news publications that advertise to a wide population.

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